Refurbish – Paint Job (Rescue your corporate image)


Like it or not, your company has an image or “brand”. It’s what people visualize when they think of your business. Your image consists of your logo, your place of business, your service, products and of course the people working at your business, including you.

It takes time to build an image. First impressions are extremely important. Especially today when all businesses are desperate to get and maintain their customers. If you don’t stand out and project an image of success potential clients might skip by you and head over to your competition.

Don’t let that happen to you. It is vital to the future of your business to have a strong, positive image. And the good news is you’re completely in charge of creating that image. If  your potential customers visit your warehouse/factory compound found this old paint forklift definitely give them a negative impressions.


Take the time to think about what you want to project to the general public. It is really hard to change your image once it takes hold so please, don’t rush it or skimp on it. Find your niche, what sets you apart. You’ll be glad you took to time to do it right.